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I love to bake, and why? Because of fond comforting childhood memories. For as long as I can remember, baking has played an important role in my life. From my youth I recall baking chocolate cakes in my Easy Bake Oven, making red and green Christmas Spritz Cookies with my mom during the Holiday Season, and of course, taking part in being Mommy's little helper baking birthday cakes for my family.

I still love to bake and I am extremely passionate about it. I peruse recipes, read cookbooks like they are text books and every week write lists of new things to bake for my friends and family.

In many ways, food and baking have been therapeutic and comforting. As of late, with the popularity of social media have also provided a connection to meeting new friends in the food community.

I am for the most part a self taught baker. I have taken cooking and baking classes at SF Cooking School, Baking Arts, Williams Sonoma and Sur La Table. I also took a French Cooking and Baking class with Mimi Thorisson in Bordeaux, France. Baking is my passion! My tiny orange kitchen in my studio apartment serves as a playground, test kitchen and creative place for me to try new recipes and ideas for home baked goodness. I look forward to sharing this journey with you and thank you for visiting my site!

5 Things about Me

1. I love to travel 2. My favorite color is Bottle Green (the color of a Champagne Bottle) 3. Favorite Beverage is, you guessed it, Champagne! 4. I absolutely adore Audrey Hepburn 5. My favorite quote is "Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together." Elizabeth Taylor