Life in San Francisco

Having moved to San Francisco over 7 years ago for love, I have totally become enchanted with San Francisco's diversity, charm and multifaceted neighborhoods as well as the culture, arts and entertainment. Also, the thriving and abounding food scene are definitely a favorite part of the city's attraction.

I knew one day after visiting S.F. on a girl trip, that my home would eventually be here. Having been raised in New Mexico and after High School living in San Diego during my college years and early adulthood, I definitely needed to acclimate to being a Northern California girl. I learned quickly to always have a scarf, an extra layer and a soothing lip balm at my disposal.

My favorite places in the city are; Golden Gate Park, Land's End, Ocean Beach, North Beach, Union Square, the Mission, the Fillmore and of course the Richmond District which is where I share a tiny studio apartment with my husband. There is so much to do in San Francisco. There are many museums, hiking trails, the beach, incredible theater, the San Francisco Ballet,  Symphony and the Opera. The dining and restaurants here offer a wide range of options and variations. One of my favorite things to make for dinner is reservations.

5 things about Life in San Francisco

1. Always have an extra layer of clothing. 2. Always carry extra shopping bags with you. 3. Walk, Muni, Uber, Lyft or Bart. Public transportation and walking are where it's at here in S.F. 4. Wear walking shoes to best explore the city. 5. If you do drive, read street signs thoroughly. It is very tricky at times and pesky tickets can add up. If you're on a time sensitive journey, parking can take up to an hour...

"The coldest Winter I ever spent was a Summer in San Francisco." Mark Twain